Be a therapeutic Indian bride

In India jewelry is not only worn just for ornamentation purposes but also for its medical and therapeutic benefits as well. In India since ancient times, jewelry was designed, crafted and worn with great care thought and care. Indian jewelry was valued not only for beauty but also for the therapeutic,astrological and spiritual benefits it provided for its wearer.


Maang Tikka worn from the crown of the head to the forehead between the brows and rests on the acupressure median of endocrine penial gland.Pineal gland activation will help the 6th Chakra reach its potential, which includes clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition,spirituality and enlightenment.To further enhace the benefits of wearing a Tikka it is advisable to use a Tikka set with crystals like violet/purple Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

sheesh phool is worn at the crest of the hair from where the juda(bun) or plaits are tied.It presses on the urinary bladder meridian and helps control headache and sleeplessness.

Nath or Nose Ring is connected to the heart meridian and increases the sense of smell and reduces nose infections.It is claimed that nose piercing also decreases pain of menstruation and eases the child birth.

Kada or Bangles are worn on the reflex points of reproductive organs like uterus and ovaries and help regulate their functions.

Ring worn on the first finger presses the reflex point of brain,on the second finger that of eyes,third that of ears and fourth that of heart. That is why engagement or wedding rings are always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Necklaces presses the points of the heart and lungs and help regulate their functions.

Choker rests on the points of thyroid and parathyroid and helps regulate their functions.

Kamarband or waist belt helps regulate the functions of spleen, ovaries,uterus and kidney.

Payal or Anklets are mostly made of silver.They improve peripheral blood circulation and reduces inflammation of sole.

By wearing silver Bichya or Toe Rings in second finger from toe menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women. Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes thru heart. Because of this, the constant friction caused while walking and doing all sorts of chores during a day, it revitalizes the productivity organs. Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.

Now you can be a therapeutic bride too!

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