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Anklet season is in!

While anklets have been around since ancient times and are still a perennial in our culture, they’ve gone in and out of fashion for the past few years. We say they’re due for a big, fine-jewelry comeback! In recent years, “arm parties” of bracelets; “finger parties” of rings; hand jewelry; ears full of studs, earring jackets, ear climbers and ear cuffs; layers and layers of necklaces; and body chains. Every body part has been loaded with jewelry except for the leg.

The wedding season is obviously the best season for showing off anklets. But you can also wear an anklet with a more trendy look— even jeans — or dress to pep up the outfit.

Ankle bracelets are also a great way to add a splash of color to an outfit heavy in neutral colors. Buying flashy ones can be quite an investment, as a statement color isn’t likely to go with every outfit.


Anklets are often paired with toe rings in India. How else can you draw attention to a new pedicure?

Some traditional varieties are shown below. These can be paired with lehengas, sarees and silk ethnic dresses.

Add some bling to your outfits with anklets/ ankle bracelets!

Beauty of Turquoise Jewellery

When it comes to fine crystal jewellery, turquoise jewellery is always a fantastic choice. Turquoise is a beautiful stone that has been worked into amulets and jewellery for thousands of years. It is found in many different parts of the world and its wonderful green and blue colour has made a favourite of civilizations as far apart as the ancient Chinese and Native Americans.

We love the bright colours of turquoise jewellery. There is something about the richness and brightness of this crystal that look simply stunning. Turquoise jewellery makes a wonderful gift and we at Mysticcollections have a great choice of turquoise jewellery.

Healing Power of Turquoise

Different cultures have ascribed differing powers to turquoise as a healing stone, but there are some main attributes that they all agree on. Turquoise is believed to protect from both physical and spiritual harm and it has historically been carved into amulets against sorcery. In modern crystal healing, turquoise is still used for protection, as well as its calm, balancing energy. It is believed to stabilize mood swings and bring relief to people who are exhausted or overworked.

Turquoise pendants are among some of our most popular pieces of jewellery. Pendants really show off the beauty of crystals and they put the gemstone centre stage in your look. Below are some of our favourite turquoise pieces, that can be worn for both special and everyday occasions.

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Top Antique finds this season

We love the latest trends and new designs. However, there’s always something special about a rare vintage style or one-of-a-kind antique piece. Check out our favorite vintage and antique pieces in our website.

With a hint of pearl…

For a while now, the lakshmi or the godess crafted pendants or necklaces have been in trend. This combined with tiny pearls gives a very vintage and antique look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.12.39 PM.png

How to wear this? Match this with maroon or dark coloured kanchivaram silks. Let the pearl glow in the dark background!

A dash of colours…

With colourful beads, this chain gives a perfect look of fun and fantasy for the wearer. We can see the most popular goddess etched pendant here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.12.56 PM

How to wear this? Pep up the sober coloured sarees and ethnic wear with this colourful pendant chain.


An absolutely antique and vintage find that goes with anything in your wardrobe. This coin jewellery is quite popular in southern India and most of the brides would have atleast one in this kind.


How to wear it? The first one is rather a contemporary version of the kasumalai. Team it with any long haarams or wear it alone.

The long version is the authentic and the classic style. Much suited for the matured and elderly women.


‘Watch it’ this season

Though we’re all buried deep down into our phones and can tell time with a blink of an I(phone), watches are a luxurious-fashionable-retro-must-have accessory for every woman and girl who have a penchant for details.

Small retro watches are in right now, with both metallic as well as leather bands, minimal design, thin, sticking to your wrist. They look amazing as the single accessory of a basic minimal outfit. Think French-chic.

Bigger watches in silver or gold, more on the masculine-statement-bling side are still hanging in there, which if you ask me, is absolutely great, because you can do both styles, depending on your outfit and mood. These ones look fantastic with layered bracelets, boyfriend jeans and blazers.

Here are some absolutely drool-worthy watch styles from


Look at these various patterns that can go with your everyday wardrobe.

Go get one for yourself now!

Four Finds – Your gift options at MYSTIC!

If you’re struggling to find that “perfect” piece for a holiday/Christmas gift this year, make sure you check out our website. It is brimming with fun antique jewelry, rare items and collectible pieces. We’ve put together a color palette to get some ideas flowing. Whether you’re drawn to moody blues, epic greens, festive florals or vibrant orange, these will surely get you inspired!

A bright zircon stone bangle, finished off with gold enamel around the edge, is set with three american diamonds in triangle settings. This is a fine piece of  jewelry and we love the setting–gives it some nice detailing!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.12.15 PM

A mashup of my current muses all in one piece of jewelry–a tri-colored semiprecious necklace! I love the detailing with the different colored beads. The uniqueness of this piece is really something else!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.10.44 PM.png

A moody tri coloured pendant set, consisting of a garnet, pearl and some enamel. The pendant is flanked by pearls with polished tones and blue, red and green enamel in a circular-shape. So exquisite!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.15.36 PM.png


A Jaipur-royal looking colourful bangles. The coloring is bright and vibrant, depicting an jaipur queen! Nothing like that nature coloured effect on a piece of jewelry.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.19.37 PM

New year Looks!

It’s time for a new year and new looks! Make this New Year’s Eve a memorable one by adding a style factor with statement jewelry and breathtaking dresses. How do you do it?

Start by reading this article, as our fashion experts unveiled some timeless jewelry ideas to help elevate your personality and get you ready for the most stylish night of the year.

Stylish Jewelry for Your New Year’s Eve Party:

Break the rules and follow your heart!

Hand cuffs are common so make an entry with ear cuffs instead. This was one of the biggest trends in 2015 so rock it this New Year’s Eve as well. Make sure to pair it wisely so they don’t overpower your look.

If rings are more your style, try a ring like the one below with american stones and a dreamy, feminine design. Slide on one statement ring and your look is complete!

Play it cool by going trendy with floral patterns and exciting colors. Pair a floral necklace with a nude dress or a beaded necklace in multiple rows.

Make a princess statement by flaunting an Indian looking antique gold tone chocker necklace with a curvy black evening gown.

Whether it’s diamonds, beads, crystals, gold embellishments or sterling silver statements, it’s time to go out and rock your best New Year’s Eve style ever!

Be a therapeutic Indian bride

In India jewelry is not only worn just for ornamentation purposes but also for its medical and therapeutic benefits as well. In India since ancient times, jewelry was designed, crafted and worn with great care thought and care. Indian jewelry was valued not only for beauty but also for the therapeutic,astrological and spiritual benefits it provided for its wearer.


Maang Tikka worn from the crown of the head to the forehead between the brows and rests on the acupressure median of endocrine penial gland.Pineal gland activation will help the 6th Chakra reach its potential, which includes clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition,spirituality and enlightenment.To further enhace the benefits of wearing a Tikka it is advisable to use a Tikka set with crystals like violet/purple Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

sheesh phool is worn at the crest of the hair from where the juda(bun) or plaits are tied.It presses on the urinary bladder meridian and helps control headache and sleeplessness.

Nath or Nose Ring is connected to the heart meridian and increases the sense of smell and reduces nose infections.It is claimed that nose piercing also decreases pain of menstruation and eases the child birth.

Kada or Bangles are worn on the reflex points of reproductive organs like uterus and ovaries and help regulate their functions.

Ring worn on the first finger presses the reflex point of brain,on the second finger that of eyes,third that of ears and fourth that of heart. That is why engagement or wedding rings are always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Necklaces presses the points of the heart and lungs and help regulate their functions.

Choker rests on the points of thyroid and parathyroid and helps regulate their functions.

Kamarband or waist belt helps regulate the functions of spleen, ovaries,uterus and kidney.

Payal or Anklets are mostly made of silver.They improve peripheral blood circulation and reduces inflammation of sole.

By wearing silver Bichya or Toe Rings in second finger from toe menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women. Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes thru heart. Because of this, the constant friction caused while walking and doing all sorts of chores during a day, it revitalizes the productivity organs. Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.

Now you can be a therapeutic bride too!

Your one stop shop for all the bridal jewellery

Know your head adornment !

Forehead Jewelry has been an important part of the Indian culture since ancient times.In India forehead center located between the eyebrows is the center of 6th “Agana Chakra”or “Indu/Chandra Chakra” or third eye.It controls and energizes the pituitary gland and is important for endocrine and nervous systems.The purpose of the forehead chakra is to help you to gain higher spiritual awareness.

Here we look at the various Indian adornments and ornaments for the forehead.

Maang Tikka:

It is a beautiful ethnic piece of jewellery which adorns the forehead of a traditional Indian bride. It is also a part of the 16 adornments worn to accentuate the bride’s beauty.The maang is the stringed portion which lays flat between the parting of the hair, while the tikka is the jeweled part which sits on the forehead on the spot on the forehead where you apply a tilak or bindi.

It is a very versatile piece of jewellery and can be worn in various styles. The types of maang tikkas vary from region to region in India.

-South Indian Maang Tikka is known as “Netti Chutti” is crafted out of traditional plain gold without any stones.


Rajasthani maang tikka known as “Borla” has a rounded center is made from pearls , kundan/jadau and meenakari.

Women from Himachal Pradesh wear Chirri Tikka ornament on her forehead during Dussehra and other special occasions. Chirri Tikka is usually silver,enameled and has lots of bell drops.



Jhoomar worn by Muslim brides is another forehead head ornament which is worn on one side of the hair, falling partly on the forehead like a one-side ‘mang tikka’.


Matha Patti:

Matha Patti is another forehead ornament which is a extended variation of Maang Tikka. Also known as Shringar Patti, the central tikka is a flat piece suspended from the centre of the forehead while one or several chains hang along the hairline on both sides.


Now which is going to be your head adornment this season?

choose from the styles available at


So you’re not into the whole ear cuff trend, but you want something more dramatic than diamond studs in your ears as you walk down the street/red carpet/aisle? ENTER STATEMENT EARRINGS.

Set aside all those statement necklaces you’ve been hoarding and get excited for this new accessory to look out for. They’ve been all over the Spring 2015 runways.They add just the right amount of drama to an outfit. And if you’re having a particularly bad hair day, tie your hair up into a bun, don a pair of statement earrings and watch how no one notices your crazy mane.

In this post we are going to help you realize the importance of a pair of statement earrings in your treasure box by showing you different ways to pair them up.

  • STREET STYLE:Wear your statement earrings with a minimalist look. Pair a basic blazer, ripped jeans, an envelope clutch, and sleek heels to add a level of sophistication. Remember it is always best to keep the rest of your outfit simple when you are wearing a statement piece.And if you feel that the high end 4statement pieces aren’t for you then this is a jewelry trend the highstreet does particularly well using plastic, crystal or glass alternatives that look equally as elegant and on trend.
  • 1WEDDING STYLE :A sparkly pair is a more traditional way to make a statement.When wearing dangly statement earrings, it is better to keep your hair sleek and not too big. Remember, it’s all about balance, so while you can pump up the volume with simple earrings, larger ones will balance better with loose waves or poker-straight hair.
  • WORK STYLE:The easiest way to nail the ‘Office look’ with statement earrings would be to ‘Keep it simple’.Pair a very contemporary(preferably geometric cut) statement earring with any casual work attire and refrain from wearing any other piece of jewellery to be a hit!2
  • NIGHT OUT :A Little Black Dress (LBD) is one of the most versatile and stylish pieces a woman can own.They also act as the best canvas to try out bold jewelry.So, pick a big and bold pair. Dangly, Hoops, or Studs can all work, as long as they make a statement. This is not the time for anything dainty, and remember to wear your hair up to make the earrings known.

So, now you ladies are well equipped and know how to get out and be your own ‘SHINING ARMOUR’!


Remember how he looked lovingly at you with twinkling eyes while you prayed for his wellbeing with your puja thali on this raksha bandhan ? Amidst all the laughter and gathering, those glittering diyas, you tied a beautiful rakhee on wrist with utmost care and those moments of mischief when he happily ate the entire sweet that you stuffed in his mouth. Yes he is your brother dearest who unconditionally pulls you out of the shallow and brings a smile on your face, no matter how far he is from you. The emotional bond between a brother and his sister is truly inexplicable and calls for a massive celebration full of love, colour, laughter and lots of jewellery! In this post we are going to help you pick out jewellery that you can wear on the auspicious day to look elegant and paint a pretty picture!

  • CHUNKY EARRINGS: If your height is equal to that of the current fashion standard and besides, you can boast of having a fine swan neck, don’t hesitate to wear long dangling earrings. They look especially good in a company of smooth hair. If, in contrast you are petite and not too high, your friends are small earrings that will not look like weights on you. Chunky “button” earrings especially with a gem are fabulous on a plump lady with lush hair-style.
  • NECKLACES : Choose a few Heritage designs in Kundan, Navaratna or AD. Give variety by selecting a few long necklaces with grand pendants and the one or two in choker style to get a royale feel. Primary colors like red, green, and violet will be safe bets to match with any silks. Contrasting colors with outfits will lend versatility to these heavy jewelleries and make a fashion statement. Replacing your grandmother’s heirloom gold jewelry with fashion jewelry options will let you go bling without the security sting!
  • ANTIQUE BRACELET: Antique holds its own charm! You can wear antique bracelet even with your causal jeans and you will still look as much stylish as you already are. Antique bracelet is most popularly worn with anarkalis, suits or sarees! But try flaunting it with your western as well Indo-fusion look. Earning compliments is guaranteed.
  • MAANGTIKA: Another traditional piece, which still have not got as much attention from Indian women as it deserves. Believe us! You can wear maangtikas to even a casual outing whether wearing suits, sarees or a dress. It needs not to be adhered to only wedding functions. Own one!
  • ANKLETS: Anklet is a staple jewel piece in the treasure of any women. However, anklets are most popularly be worn by every woman now. Silver anklets are used to be quite popular but golden as well as fancy anklets are trending a lot these days. Choose variety of options to own in your anklet collection. Flaunt your anklets wherever you move!
  • VINTAGE RINGS: Finger rings add a touch of elegance to women’s hands! Go for antique ones to feel the charm of tradition that can be carried forward to the next generation as well. This makes antique ring a must have in your jewel treasure.
  • RAKHEES: Last but not the least, what is rakshabandhan without rakhees? Rakhees can be found in various styles ranging from funky to chic and traditional. They are even found in 22carat gold these days! Apart from them, they can be paired well with any traditional clothes to match!

So, if you’re a caring brother, go and get your sister the most magnificent jewellery, because she is the one who always prays for your well-being in good and rough times. So enjoy this Raksha Bandhan day with your sister to the fullest!